Simplifying Educational Product Creation and Spreading Joy

Do you make educational resources for children? I want to support you in creating amazing resources that will meet children's individual needs, and interests, develop skills, and build resilient, curious lifelong learns. Resources that children love and parents and teachers are eager to buy.

As a busy, mum and Montessori teacher I know how hard it is to find quality resources that fit with what I have in mind for the children I am supporting. I see you trying to create resources that children will love and that your customers, parents and teachers both want and need.

You may have lots of experience in the classroom or as a parent but making resources for other parents and teachers requires you to think beyond your knowledge and make interactive, age-appropriate resources that are easy to set up, meet the needs of all the learners and build skills, self-esteem and knowledge in the children.

You may know a little or a lot about Montessori but you know it supports children and you want to know how Montessori Philosophy can guide and support both your design and creation process but more importantly be meaningful, supportive, and creative for the children who will engage with your beautiful resources.

Working in Public Schools as a Montessori teacher felt a little overwhelming to me at first as I learned how to follow each child, observe them, watch for thier interests, and adjust my approach to suit thier individual needs while still fostering a sense of harmony and collaboration.

What I found was that over and over I was going back to the foundations of Human Tendencies, The Montessori Planes of Development, and the Step by Step sequential learning resources that are the cornerstone of Montessori Classroom.

Meeting each child's individual needs and supporting them to build a healthy sense of self, pride in their efforts, and a feeling of contribution to the group and seeing themselves as successful learners was at the core of my foundation for teaching.

I began to see that by putting the child's needs first I was able to clearly see what they were able to do, where their strengths were, adjust to their interests, build in routines that supported the group as a whole and easily teach the curriculum that was required. There were many limitations on the full implementation of a Montessori Curriculum but the key philosophy is to Follow the Child and connect them to the learning opportunities in the environment that they are in.

I began to see that if I could do this then I could also break down the steps into a digestible format that others who have the knowledge and desire to make quality, child-centred learning opportunities available could too.

This is where the inspiration for Sparkle and Spread Joy came from. I am a lifelong learner and I love working with children and guiding their development. I love learning and I want to share that joy with as many children as possible.

Drawing on my experience as an AMI Montessori teacher for children ages 3-12, as well as my background as a Media Specialist and Prepress consultant, I have developed a range of offerings to cater to your needs.

My strengths lay in breaking down learning in a way that puts children first, allows them to become active participants in their learning in a way that builds healthy emotional well-being, kind, collaborative children who can think critically and build skills of resilience and the ability to solve problems by exercising thier desire to discover and imagine.

If you create for children then I can support you by putting them at the center of your product creation and building a library of sought-after, Montessori-aligned child-centered learning resources that will spark joy and build lifelong learners.

As a busy mom and teacher, I understand the importance of intentional living and authentic connections.

I am passionate about fostering emotionally supported joyful learning environments, where children thrive and grow. aligning with the principles of joy, health, curiosity, acceptance, and fostering a love of learning within our children.

One of my core values is authenticity. I believe that when we celebrate each other's strengths and accept one another we can most the most positive impact that has a ripple effect on everyone we come into contact with.

I believe that by living intentionally and being true to ourselves, we become positive role models for our children and create a ripple effect of joy and purpose.

Join us on this incredible journey of living an intentional, authentic, and joy-filled life. Explore our joyful classroom resources, discover our extensive digital graphics membership for teacher creators and digital product makers, and indulge in our unique print-on-demand products that are not only fun but also carry positive messages.

Sparkle and Spread Joy is more than just a brand; it's a movement toward a world where kindness and joy are abundant.

Together, let's embrace our unique amazing selves, nurture collaborative learning environments, and create amazing resources for children to enjoy that parents and teachers are in awe and full of gratitude for finding.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Let's spread joy far and wide!

Warmest wishes,


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