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Sparkling with Joy: A Celebration of Life and All Its Wonders

At Sparkle and Spread Joy, I believe in creating a world filled with kindness and joy. My mission is to bring that essence into your homes, businesses, and classrooms.

As a busy mom and teacher, I understand the importance of intentional living and authentic connections.

That's why I am dedicated to supporting families, teachers, and digital creators by providing joyful products, valuable resources, and empowering information.

Drawing on my experience as an AMI Montessori teacher for children ages 3-12, as well as my background as a Media Specialist and Prepress consultant, I have developed a range of offerings to cater to your needs.

Whether you're a teacher seeking digital graphics and resources for your classroom, a digital product creator looking for extended commercial use digital papers, or a parent searching for unique print-on-demand products, Sparkle and Spread Joy has got you covered.

I am passionate about fostering emotionally supported joyful learning environments, where children thrive and grow. By centralizing my diverse offerings into one hub, I aim to inspire you to embrace your joy and spread it everywhere you go.

My products are designed to be elegant in their simplicity, aligning with the principles of joy, health, curiosity, acceptance, and fostering a love of learning within our children.

One of the core values we uphold is authenticity. We celebrate each other's strengths, accept one another, and encourage personal growth beyond comfort zones. We believe that by living intentionally and being true to ourselves, we become positive role models for our children and create a ripple effect of joy and purpose.

Join us on this incredible journey of living an intentional, authentic, and joy-filled life. Explore our joyful classroom resources, discover our extensive digital graphics membership for teacher creators and digital product makers, and indulge in our unique print-on-demand products that are not only fun but also carry positive messages.

Sparkle and Spread Joy is more than just a brand; it's a movement toward a world where kindness and joy are abundant. Together, let's embrace our unique amazing selves, nurture collaborative learning environments, and create a balanced life that supports our well-being, our children's growth, and our professional aspirations.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Let's spread joy far and wide!

Warmest wishes,


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Bespoke Digital Designs for Parents and Teachers to support Simplicity and Create Joy


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