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A busy Montessori Teacher and Mum who enjoys supporting others to express their own individuality, understand their children and provide information, support and tools for all the parts of a busy teacher mum life including digital graphics, templates, printables, classroom decor, educational resources and more.

I am passionate about life being joyful and through creativity and problem-solving solutions I want to spread that joy about like virtual glitter.

A Mum and Montessori Teacher Making Montessori Parenting of Children aged

6-12 Easy and Fun. I have 2 children aged 10 and 11 who have never attended Montessori School and have worked in a variety of Montessori and Non-Montessori Learning Environments.

I have AMI 3-12 Montessori training , Teacher Registration and a Bachelor of Communication.

I am passionate about Montessori Philosophy, Cosmic Education, story telling, being creative, being kind and using digital technology for active learning and building connections with others.

I've been working with children for over 20 years and am passionate about meeting individual needs, supporting creativity and self expression and supporting others too.

In addition to my passion for education I am also a keen digital creator. Hi I'm Chaali a busy Mum and Teacher who just loves colour , crafts, self expression through creativity and making digital graphics, digital files and more, for fun and business use.

My own creative outlet is painting, making digital paper and learning and implementing creativity into products I make to share with others... That's where 'Digital Paper by Chaali' fits.

Here you find digital files for FUN AND BUSINESS USE. I aim to provide innovative solutions to business owners who want to save time and offer unique solutions. I will share my own discoveries and favourite coaches and sources for all things Authenticity, Creativity and Success.

Professional Background

As well as being a Montessori Teacher I also hold a Bachelor of Communication specialising in Journalism, Creative Writing and Cyberstudies and a Graduate Diploma of Education with specialisations in English and ICT.

After Graduating from University I spent many years working within the Print and Copy industry and learning about PrePress , Business and Customer Service. I LOVE to learn and I love to create...

Professional Crafter/ Teacher Material Maker

Wearing my teacher hat it is second nature to create resources and anyone who has ever done an AMI Montessori course would know that the level of Material Making is next level.. At one point in life I stated material making, colouring in timelines and laminating as part of my hobbies...

Problem Solver and Solution Finder

I am a proud affiliate for a number of amazing creators and will review and suggest what problems each resource I share solves. Even if I'm not an affiliate I will share cool things because I love sharing great solutions with others.

Collaborator and Positive Energy Lover

I absolutely love working with other creators to build solutions together. Being around other positive, creative people gives me energy and sparks my curiosity and work in synergy with others. I hope I can also inspire and ignite the same for you.I am an AMI trained 3-12 Montessori Teacher with over 6 years of experience working outside of the Montessori System. My passion lies in using the Montessori philosophy to improve individualized learning, boost self-esteem, prevent parent and teacher burnout, and raise capable, independent thinkers who care for each other and our planet.

Through my own experience as a parent, as well as working with children who have additional needs such as ADHD and Autism, I believe that by implementing the Montessori philosophy in non-Montessori settings, we can create a positive impact on children's lives.

My focus is not solely on the curriculum, but on the mindset and tools necessary to integrate the Montessori philosophy alongside any curriculum. By doing so, we can unlock the full potential of every child and foster a love for learning that will stay with them for life.

Whether you're a parent or teacher, I believe that by using the Montessori philosophy alongside other learner centered ways of thinking we can raise individuals who embrace their unique strengths and capabilities, care for one another, and make a positive impact on our world.

Hi I'm Chaali,

I am so happy that you found my little corner of the internet and that you stopped by to have a look at what I do and offer. I would love to keep in touch.

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